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Indonesia Cries for Contemporary Heroes

People commemorate the patriotic war against the Dutch in 1945 in Surabaya on national Heroes Day Nov.10. This commemoration seems overlooked year by year, especially by the younger generation, though it remains relevant to the strengthening of nationalism. On the part of the government, there has been a tendency that the National Hero Day was […]

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Education Should Reach The Unreachable

We need to realize how education will make this country move forward and become a great country in the future. Our education is left out from other countries, including our neighbours, as education in this country fails to reach the unreachable segments of people. M-learning (mobile learning) constitutes a breakthrough for an equal education. Many […]

Donny Syofyan

Donny Syofyan

Donny Syofyan, S.S., MHRM, MA lahir di Padang pada 11 Desember 1978. Sehari-hari mengajar sebagai staf pengajar Sastra Inggris di Fakultas Ilmu Budaya (FIB) Universitas Andalas, Padang. Sungguhpun berlatar belakang sebagai dosen kesusastraan Inggris, Donny memiliki minat intelektual yang luas meliputi isu-isu kesusastraan Inggris, politik, sosial, budaya, dan keagamaan. Tulisan-tulisannya banyak dimuat di pelbagai media […]