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Glocalization: How The Global Can Be Local

The story of Friedman’s Lexus and Olive Tree has precisely reflected my story about two years ago. I was in Toronto for a youth summit in which I met dozens of young people throughout the world. There, I could feel the modernity mixing up with a “we” feeling as global citizen amidst the diversity as, […]

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Does nationality or race or religion matter in a globalized world? Or are we headed to the so-called a global community where no traditional attribute is attached? Objectively speaking, one might have different point of view with another as, for example, some Japanese might perceive themselves not a global citizen meanwhile few Indonesian identify their […]

Agung Pamungkas

Agung Pamungkas

Agung holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Indonesia (UI), graduating in 2012. His prior leadership experience was President of International Relations Student Association (2011) and Indonesian youth representative for G20 Youth Summit in Toronto (2010). With a keen interest in international politics, global communications, religious pluralism, identity, and multiculturalism, Agung […]