Subash Sharma

Subash Sharma is 2012 AusAid Scholar from Bhutan who is currently pursuing Master of Business Administration/Master of Marketing Management in the University of Canberra. Back home, he is the co-founder of Bhutan’s first private waste services firm, Greener Way. He worked as a telecom engineer for four years and he quit his profession in order to follow his passion with his like-minded friends by initiating Greener Way. As he was trained as an engineer, he applied for AusAid scholarship in order to gain both professional and personal skills which will be relevant for his current workplace.  His goals are to learn as much as possible during his stay in Australia and apply his gained knowledge and skills in Greener Way which is an organization highly focused to solve Bhutan’s growing waste issues. Greener Way’s missions are to contribute towards Bhutan’s environmental conservation efforts, economic growth and employment generation which are all in line with Gross National Happiness developmental philosophy.

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