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Computed Tomography and Radiation Side-effects

Modern medical use of computerised tomography (CT) is increasing. On this writing we explore its side-effects associated with CT scanning. It will surely help the Indonesian doctors as well as doctors around the world. By its nature, CT involves larger radiation doses than the more common, conventional x-ray imaging procedures. Although, when a CT scan […]

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Is it Critical to Apply Performance Auditing in Indonesian Public Sector?

Since the 1998 reformation movement, Indonesia has been undergoing fundamental public sectors reform in all venues. Generally, the reform focuses on transforming the ineffective and inefficient public sector organisations into professionally managed public entities. Public Management is one of several sectors undergoing transformation, which falls into a category of new public management (NPM). New Public […]

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Why sharing is the future business: Public Administration Perspective

It has been known in the study of public administration that the initiative for improving the performance of public organisation is very much borrowed from the private sector.  In 1993, Osborne & Gaebler has, for instance, established ten principles to reach the entrepreneurial government. It offers ways to constitute an entrepreneurial, flexible and outcome-oriented organisation […]

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Doa Dana, sacred mount and local piety

Natural disasters are quite often seen beyond scientific realm. More particularly in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara, natural disasters like volcanic eruptions are believed to be a mystical event. As found in Javanese mysticism of mount Merapi, many Muslims in Bima figure out natural disasters in mystical ways. As Mbojo, a local term for Bima, is […]

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Indonesia Cries for Contemporary Heroes

People commemorate the patriotic war against the Dutch in 1945 in Surabaya on national Heroes Day Nov.10. This commemoration seems overlooked year by year, especially by the younger generation, though it remains relevant to the strengthening of nationalism. On the part of the government, there has been a tendency that the National Hero Day was […]

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Bhutan, Indonesia, Gross National Happiness (GNH) developmental philosophy

Bhutan and Indonesia established diplomatic relations from 15th December 2011. Nations becoming friends are always good news and healthy for peaceful world. In light of this development, both Bhutan and Indonesia could learn many things from each other. Both nations are located in Asian region and they have bright future in terms of development in […]

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Enhancing Triple Women Roles through ICTs : Analysing the Policy Intervention

Since the last few decades, gender issue has become one of the most popular topics discussed by both political and socio-economic development experts and practitioners. One of the reason is the fact that gender discrimination may lead to more poverty and lower quality of life, either in national or sub-national societies (Momsen, 2010).  The significance […]

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When White Heroes Need You as Their Heroes

A nurse, hero on white uniform, is often constrained for doing an ethical dilemma towards their professional values as a nurse. Not only does it have unspecific regulations for a nurse working in hospital, but also it somehow determines the health service provided in the hospital. Those concerns are basically examples of many reasons why […]

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Glocalization: How The Global Can Be Local

The story of Friedman’s Lexus and Olive Tree has precisely reflected my story about two years ago. I was in Toronto for a youth summit in which I met dozens of young people throughout the world. There, I could feel the modernity mixing up with a “we” feeling as global citizen amidst the diversity as, […]

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Does Technology Matter in Fighting Corruption?

Many local governments in Indonesia have applied Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in purchasing goods and services, known as electronic auction system (e-procurement). E-procurement that is considered as a major aspect in bureacracy reform is expected to reduce corruption. The e-procurement system in local government and other government bodies is believed to be the realisation […]

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Does nationality or race or religion matter in a globalized world? Or are we headed to the so-called a global community where no traditional attribute is attached? Objectively speaking, one might have different point of view with another as, for example, some Japanese might perceive themselves not a global citizen meanwhile few Indonesian identify their […]

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Indonesia Tourism: Where are you headed?

Geographically, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelagic state which comprises of more than 17 thousand islands, straddling equator situated between Asia and Australia continent. It offers perfect nature tourism destination choices: mountainous view to climb, tropical rainforests to trek, enchanting beaches to surf, captivating coral reefs, snow-capped mount, beautiful lakes, spectacular crater, and charming waterfall. […]

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Education Should Reach The Unreachable

We need to realize how education will make this country move forward and become a great country in the future. Our education is left out from other countries, including our neighbours, as education in this country fails to reach the unreachable segments of people. M-learning (mobile learning) constitutes a breakthrough for an equal education. Many […]

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Deeper Learning for Digital Natives

Overview “Digital Natives” is a term made popular by Marc Prensky in 2001 which refers to the “native speakers” of the digital language of computers, video games, and the Internet (Prensky, 2001, p. 1). They are different to “Digital Immigrants” who need to adapt to their new environment and retain, to some extent, their past. […]