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Enhancing Triple Women Roles through ICTs : Analysing the Policy Intervention

Since the last few decades, gender issue has become one of the most popular topics discussed by both political and socio-economic development experts and practitioners. One of the reason is the fact that gender discrimination may lead to more poverty and lower quality of life, either in national or sub-national societies (Momsen, 2010).  The significance […]

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Does Technology Matter in Fighting Corruption?

Many local governments in Indonesia have applied Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in purchasing goods and services, known as electronic auction system (e-procurement). E-procurement that is considered as a major aspect in bureacracy reform is expected to reduce corruption. The e-procurement system in local government and other government bodies is believed to be the realisation […]

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Penerapan E-Government sebagai Media Transparansi dan Akuntabilitas Pemerintah

Sistem pemerintahan yang sentralistik menjadi desentralistik saat ini, pada hakekatnya merupakan penyelenggaraan otonomi daerah untuk memberikan kewenangan yang luas, nyata dan bertanggungjawab kepada daerah secara proporsional yang berkeadilan. Penyelenggaraan otonomi daerah bertujuan untuk penyelenggaraan pemerintah yang baik dan bertanggungjawab (good governance) kepada masyarakat, sehingga dapat dihasilkan birokrasi yang kuat, handal dan profesional, efisien, produktif, serta […]

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Education Should Reach The Unreachable

We need to realize how education will make this country move forward and become a great country in the future. Our education is left out from other countries, including our neighbours, as education in this country fails to reach the unreachable segments of people. M-learning (mobile learning) constitutes a breakthrough for an equal education. Many […]